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Zero Day Vulnerabilty Research

Analysing custom applications to uncover previously unknown vulnerabilities.


Source Code Review

Inspecting an application's source code looking for errors that might impact the overall security of the product.


Advanced Adversary Simulation

A holistic approach to security that aims to analyse the overall security and incident readiness of a company's whole infrastructure and digital fingerprint.

Our Approach

We provide a solution to any unknown security gaps, as we specialize in attacks and technology security assessment, and we are able to guarantee the protection of our client’s data.

Our team is highly equipped to provide true visibility into each of your assets’ levels of exposure, taking into consideration that automatic vulnerabilities scanning processes tend to report false positives and overlook highly complex security risks.

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  • Penetration Testing
  • Application Security Testing
  • Vulnerabilities Assessment
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Security Architecture Review
  • Code Auditing

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Our new clients are often surprised once they are made aware of non-public or non-patched vulnerabilities in their computer systems and/or assets.

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